Tile adhesive & Grout for tile


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For the past 2000 plus years tile and stone have been installed by basically the same method. However in the last 50-100 years building materials and products have changed beyond all recognition. This has required our industry to rise to the challenge to produce innovative solutions that can interface in fast track construction environments with traditional materials and modern substrates. As well as adhering manufactured Tiles, Porcelain, Glass, Natural Stone.

At Carter-Dal International we have succeeded in producing quality solutions that are site proven, fit for purpose. We continue daily to strive to meet and exceed expectations of Architects & Client - not forgetting Installers who are themselves at the front line in just in time schedules in the fast moving construction environment and who will confirm that our products prove themselves continually over time

Carter-Dal International is experienced in global markets and cognizant of the local variances in installation methods and traditions that exist geographically in different regions. This experience gained through our people is a wealth of knowledge and is available to assist Architects, Clients and Contractors. We also draw on this to offer unique practical custom solutions based on actual job site experience our people have gained working with clients and installers World-Wide.

We strive to offer Architects representation globally in their local towns and City’s also provide attendance at your job site projects  to ensure the highest level of service.

Carter-Dal International strives to bring solutions to market in a cost efficient manner of high quality, interface and inter- range compatible, matched with experienced support.

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