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Carter-Dal Anti Fracture AF29

Carter-Dal AF29

Fast Track Anti Fracture AF29

Stops Transfer Substrate Cracks Ruining Your New Tile Or Stone Installation


Drying out of new build, hairline cracks, shrinkage, vibration  can all ruin a new installed Tile ,Natural Stone, Porcelain Floors.

Would you not want to be made aware of a usefull product like Carter-Dal AF29. That for a negligible  cost per m2 at the outset, can save major tile and stone installations from costly ongoing repairs, with shade problematic replacement Tile & Stone. Not to mention downtime and high T2 out of hours labour rates to make good. Or if left unmaintained allows water penetration from daily washing.

If you were unaware of these problems Carter Dal Anti-Fracture AF29 will for the lifetime of the installation protect against spider cracking, settlement cracks, shrinkage cracks. Remember most cracks start after year one maintenance period is up. Even if you could contact the installers, you did not specify crack protection.

Don't get caught out by installer ignorance; protect you and your clients investment with AF29, preventing hairline crack transfer up to 3mm wide.


Copes with screed dryout shrinkage cracks; stops them from telegraphing up through tile or stone.

Copes with settlement cracks in new build from ruining perfectly good tile and stone installation.

Fast Track  ready mixed  with hand roller application.

Can be applied to curing substrates.

Safe to use inside.

Saves your investment, be it 9000M2 shopping  mall or 90 high end en-suites in your clients hotel or a 9m2 porch in your home. If you are laying Natural Stone or Ceramic Tile make sure your installer has laid AF29 first, at 1.2 mm thick; it makes no difference to the build up thickness. However, it can make all the difference to you and your client.

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