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Carter-Dal CS Grout

Carter-Dal CS Grout

Fast Track Commual Shower Anti Stain Grout

Protects Grout Against Shampoo Colour Staining , Body Fats, Aggressive Mis-Cleaning.

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Specially formulated for easy application. Can provide your client long term value for money from its  durability, keeping the just new look for the service life of the installation and in turn not giving a bad impression to their clients using the facilities perhaps for a first time . Keeps staff happy showing the facilities with perfect clean bright grouting, reflecting the team looking after the facility.


Protects against aggressive cleaning by outside cleaning  contractors in communal shower areas.

Protects against staining by patrons hair shampoo colourings which can permanently stain traditional grouts.

Protects against mould and allows clean back to original colour.

Is easier to disinfect due to low absorption.

Can withstand constant water run off.

Can withstand constant humid conditions - no crack or fade.

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