Tile adhesive & Grout for tile


Fast Track Pool Tank Render Admix

Carter Dal PTR 701

Fast Track Pool Tank Render Admix

Fast Track pool concrete & tile tolerance unifying Admix


Mix with Carter-Dal 602 mortar shown elsewhere to produce a screed / render that can feather from zero to 30 mm plus.To correct the anomaly of tolerance difference between that required of concrete + - 10 and that for tiling + - 3

Can be used to straighten pool tank walls and floors facilitating the smooth and correct application of our pool tank water- proofing system.

Can be used in patch repair and can be applied to uncured concrete during the drying period allowing fast track construction acceleration and pull back of program overruns.


Pool Tank tolerance anomaly correcting system

Feathers from zero up to 30 mm.

Can be applied to post shuttered concrete tanks.

Overcomes the tolerance anomaly of concrete + - 10 mm and that required of finished tile + - 3 mm

Can be used on walls and floors.

Prepares tank prior application of waterproofing.

Long shelf  life.

Can be patch repaired if required.

Can bond to uncured  substrates.

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