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Fast Track One App Pool & Spa Tanking OP 763

OP 763

Fast Track One App Pool & Spa Tanking OP 763

Single Application Tanking For Domestic Pools Wet Rooms Showers & Water Features

Order code: OP 763


Pool Tank thin load bearing waterproof single application membrane with anti-fracture properties, for use in domestic pools Spa's, Wet Rooms, communal and single use showers down to children's pools water features fountains etc. Can cope with spider cracking of concrete tank  without telegraphic crack show-through on finishes of tile and stone. Stops cracks up to 2.5 mm wide as well as retaining water in the pool tank. Can also cope with shock and vibration.Providing longevity for the expensive finishes reducing greenhouse gas and carbon footprints with longer refurbishment/replacement periods.


 Keeps Water In Pool.

 Protects Pool Tank

 Stops Concrete Pool Tank Spider Cracking Showing Through Tile And Stone Finishes.

 Stops Concrete Tank Telegraph Cracks Showing Through Tile and Stone Finishes.

 Stops Pool Closure Though Leaks and Long Maintenance Periods.

 Protects Against Vibration Damage and Shock.

 Allows Immediate Tiling and Can Bond To Damp Substrate For Fast Track installation.

 Single application.

 Accommodates Pipe Throughs, Light Boxes, Drain Outlets Without Further Detail.

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